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Are you hard to understand because of a foreign accent?


Are you tired of repeating yourself? Do you wonder if you will be misunderstood every time you open your mouth to say something? Are your colleagues getting speaking opportunities that you are more qualified to do? Do people sometimes translate your message for you? These are the exact complaints I hear from corporate clients who…

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The Voices of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore

mount rushmore

On this 4th of July weekend, I was thinking about the voices at the table who were drafting the historic document that gave us our freedom. It would be so interesting and fun to hear them talk and discuss at that table. I imagine low voices—very business-like. But of course, I am just speculating based…

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Is your regional accent charming or annoying?

Confident Businessman In Metropolis

Do you use “yinz” “n’at” and “gumbands” frequently in your vocabulary? Do you say “Dahn tahn,” “hahse,” and “Stillers?” Do people know you are from Pittsburgh even when you are in another area of the country? Do people smirk when you tell them where you are from? You may be hurting your career if you…

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Speech Language Voice Makeovers

Vocal Makeover

Million Dollar Voice Makeover for organizations/associations Transform how YOUR Emerging Leaders Use Their Voices to Lead, Show Confidence, and Build Trust!  Like it or not, your emerging leaders are often judged by the way they sound – not just by what they say. In today’s business environment, the competition is fierce and the way your…

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Do you deliver with credibility and influence?


What is your biggest fear about getting up to speak in front of a group? Are you fearful that your voice will shake? Or that you will stumble over your words? Do you fail to communicate your message adequately? Is it hard to stay on topic? Does a foreign accent make you hard to understand?…

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Talent Development, Corporate Sourcing Recruiters & HR Directors

Speech Development

“Thanks so much for your great work with our client. We will incorporate the strategies into his development plan. It is such a pleasure working with you, knowing how well you assess the situation and meet the client’s needs.” –Gay Fogarty, The Fogarty Group Hi my name is Lynda Stucky, president of ClearlySpeaking and America’s…

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